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My name is Josh Carter. I art from time to time. I study animation.

Enjoy me so my father doesn't have to.



Roger Rabbits special effects still fucking hold up by todays standards AND looks better than most films that come out NOW it was that ahead of its time

I’m still amazed that Hoskins had that little to work with. Everything about this video is awesome.

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Clarence Title sequence nelsonboles simonpanrucker

No matter how many times I see this its still amazing. So many great sequences packed into such little time with a catchy tune that I won’t tire of. 

I’m really looking forward to Clarence. The characters remind me of a watered down Ed Edd n Eddy  with the premise of Rugrats.

I appreciate the show for knowing what it wants to be “a show about dumb childhood adventures” and from what I’ve seen it’s not trying to push any agenda or have a deeper meaning. 
Hope it does well!

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egg yolk eyes and worn-out socks—the girl of my dreams


egg yolk eyes and worn-out socks—the girl of my dreams

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Kenneth Ladekjær showing how to draw the mightiest hero of all time: Alethrion.

If you have any questions or notes, feel free to comment at youtube and we’ll answer!

And if you have any ideas for other behind the scenes videos you would like to see then we are very open for suggestions!

Have a great day!

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1) Lisbeth Salander by Lee Bermejo

2) John Constantine by Lee Bermejo

3) Batman by Lee Bermejo

4) Joker by Lee Bermejo

5) Superman by Lee Bermejo

6) Winter Soldier by Lee Bermejo

7) Bob Marley by Lee Bermejo

8) Jimi Hendrix by Lee Bermejo

9) Daredevil by Lee Bermejo

10) Captain America by Lee Bermejo

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i’ve juste arrived at tokyo, so i didn’t have the time to really work and i’m still waiting for my desk. My current work station is cute, but not very fonctionnal. 
So today, just a little sketches.
I hope better next time fellows !

Birth Of Venus, Andy Warhol - 1984 (Details)



animation de personnage pour le devblog dofus:” les pantins de dramack”

This is so cool seeing the process of Dofus animation.

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porcelain bust by Ah Xian.


The artists over at Pictoplasma academy are producing some pretty amazing stuff.

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